Is Your Mind Working Overtime


You were okay today, yet felt a little uneasy but you shook it off like always.  You kept thinking will I be okay this time and you thought sure you will, I always do, I think.  This is how the struggle begins, you may be okay or things may get to be much more difficult than you hope they would.  This is life with anxiety, panic and all of those dark moods of your mind. Continue reading “Is Your Mind Working Overtime”

When Anxiety and Panic Strikes


Living with anxiety , are you making it or are you barely holding on.  Is this what your days are like for you.  Are you waking up with feelings of dread and feeling like your reality isn’t real at all. This is what happens when anxiety starts to take over your mind. Not just your typical anxiety but the kind that causes your mind to race for hours, days or even months at a time. So many are affected by these dreadful disorders and are looking for hope to conquer all that’s associated with them. Continue reading “When Anxiety and Panic Strikes”